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Authentic You online course

Are you being YOU right now?

The answer may not be as simple as you think.
Studies show that we can all become ‘someone we are not’ in order to fit in socially or avoid unpleasant feelings. This means it takes conscious effort, commitment (and a little confrontation) to live truly authentically.
Authentic You is a four-week online course designed to help you reclaim and celebrate the essence of who you are. Nourishing, empowering and thought-provoking, Authentic You will give you the tools to:
Unlearn inauthentic or ‘people pleasing’ behaviours
Make wiser, more inspired decisions
Challenge yourself with new ideas and perspectives

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"This course is an eye-opener into, not only your own, but also wider human behaviour. Reflecting on the messaging throughout really does provide you with guidance, space (and permission) to delve into your own emotional self. Taking this journey with Kim is a joy."

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"This course truly makes you think about your actions, behaviours and thought patterns. It was a fantastic investment, as it also opens your eyes to how connected we are as individuals and the overall power of the mind. Thank you Kim."

Authentic You online course

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With an investment of about an hour per week, let Kim guide you on a month-long journey toward a more fulfilling, more authentic expression of you.


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