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What does it mean to 'flourish' in life?


On each episode of Eudaemonia, Kim interviews world-renowned experts, researchers and 'inspiring examples' and discusses how to develop the habits and characteristics that help us lead a truly flourishing life.






"The journey toward deeper knowledge is not a scientific one, nor a spiritual one. It is a human journey, and by opening your mind to your deeper potential you are contributing to this amazing, and endless, quest for understanding."
Kim Forrester






Kim Forrester is a mother, nature lover,
global traveller, holistic well-being advocate
and kindness enthusiast.

As an award-winning author, educator
and consultant, Kim combines
cutting edge science with
spiritual philosophy to inspire
holistic well-being and fullness of living.

Instagram: @iamkimforrester





Private Consultations

Private Consultations
Editorial and copywriting
Editorial, seminars & speaking




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